Projects Completed

Completed Projects


S.No. Name of Project Project Cost A/A & E/S Status
1 Foot Over Bridge at Vikasnagar Shimla (SSCL) Rs. 3,00,00,000.00 Completed
2 2 Nos of Rear Side Glass Lifts at Old Bakery Building (SSCL) Rs. 1,72,00,000.00 Completed
3 Lift at Metro Pole Parking Building (SSCL) Rs. 1,07,00,000.00 Completed
4 C/o Vending Zones at different locations in Shimla (SSCL) Rs. 52,00,000.00 Completed
8 Commercial Complex at Kasumpti Shimla (SSCL) Rs. 1,59,60,000.00 Completed
9 Book Café’s at Choura Maidan (SSCL) Rs. 90,00,000.00 Completed
10 Book Café’s at Chotta Shimla (SSCL) Rs. 64,39,000.00 Completed
11 C/o Stair Case to Auckland School (SSCL) Rs. 14,98,000.00 Completed
12 Commercial Complex at Chotta Shimla (SSCL) Rs. 1,44,00,000.00 Completed
13 FOB at Chalautthi (SSCL) Rs. 5,04,00,000.00 Completed
15 Construction of Commercial Complex Kasumpti (Part-II) (SSCL) Rs. 71,60,000.00 Completed
16 Construction of Vending Zones at Dhalli (SSCL) Rs. 41,41,000.00 Completed
17 Construction of Book Café at New Shimla (SSCL) Rs. 99,00,000.00 Completed
21 Construction of Primary School at Kumarsain (Elementry Education) Rs. 1,58,00,000.00 Completed
22 Construction of School at Baghshaid at Mandi (SJVN) Rs. 35,64,000.00 Completed
23 Construction of Sheep Shed at Nagwain Distt. Mandi (Animal Husbandry Dept.) Rs. 2,00,00,000.00 Completed
24 Constrcution of 50 Nos. Portable toilets at different location in Distt. Lahaul & Spiti (DRDA) Rs. 42,58,000.00 Completed
25 Installation of Lift at DC Office Building Bilaspur accessible for persons with Disabilities under “Accessible India Campaign” (SH:- Installation of Elevator) (DC Bilaspur) Rs. 37,42,392.00 Completed
26 Construction of New Bus Stand at Kumarsain (BSMDA Tutikandi) Rs. 4,26,00,000.00 Completed
27 Construction of Indoor Stadium at Janjehli, Distt. Mandi (Sports Department) Rs. 5,99,00,000.00 Completed
28 Construction of Indoor & Outdoor Stadium at Nurpur, Distt. Kangra (Sports Department) Rs. 12,99,00,000.00 Completed
32 Construction of NDRF building at Jassur Nurpur, Distt. Kangra (NDRF) Rs. 4,80,00,000.00 Completed
33 Construction of Indoor Stadium at Shahpur (Naganpatt), Distt. Kangra (ESOMSA) Rs. 3,36,43,300.00 Completed